Wednesday, July 23, 2008

IOUG RAC Attack! ... I surrender!!!

The Oracle RAC SIG and IOUG are putting on an event in a few weeks in Chicago, August 4th and 5th. It is called the IOUG RAC Attack! (awesome name, I wonder who came up with it). Since my current job entails supporting an Oracle RAC environment (2 5-node clusters) and we have some newer members who are a bit green in the RAC arena, I thought it would make sense to check into the event and agenda to see if it is worthwhile to send some people to this.

From looking at the agenda and the quality speakers they have lined up, I'm finding it difficult to find reasons not to recommend this event to my colleagues. For $650 (2-day event, with a hands on lab) this looks to be good bang for your buck. I'd love to go myself, but my schedule just won't allow it. I'm especially interested in hearing what Alex Gorbachev has to say in the Oracle Clusterware lecture as well as Jeremy Schneider's Oracle Services lecture. Hopefully one of my colleagues attend and take good notes and share with the group when they return. *hint hint*.

With that, let the registration begin.

On a semi-related note. It might be cool for the Oracle RAC SIG or IOUG (or both) to put together online badges for its members. It would promote both organizations in the Social Networking world and blogosphere (If they already have them, my most humblest of apologies)

Disclaimer: I'm in no way affilliated with the Oracle RAC SIG or IOUG (aside from being a member of both).
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