Monday, March 16, 2009

OT: Spring Ahead with The Pretender ... Never Surrender

I have been anticipating the arrival of in recent months. In the beginning, my interest was more due to the fact that I had worked with some of the alice employees. I think one is a Prairie Dog, one may be a Gopher, and I'm not sure what the other's are. Regardless, after my initial followings, I became intrigued at what this company was going to become. I love online shopping, and I love getting deals on household items. I also love free stuff. Let's face it, that is the real reason I'm writing this. The free stuff I can win in the latest Spring Cleaning Giveway is the main reason for this blog. I'm No Pretender. With that, I segue into my favorite cleaning song. Currently, it would have to be "The Pretender" by Foo Fighters. I especially enjoy this while cleaning the dishes after a week of not cleaning pots, pans, or the elusive electric griddle. Granted, the type of cleaning I tend to do involves more than one song, but this one sticks out in my head.

Well, here's hoping I am lucky this week and win the new iPod Shuffle. It talks to you!!!
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