Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Opportunities , Onwards and Upwards into the local market again

Looking at my last blog post (related to Oracle that is) it looked to have occurred back in Oct/Nov of 2008, right before I joined pythian. I'm sure I left a lot of blog topics for the Pythian blog in my head. It was a fun ride working for pythian. I think my 19-20 months working there gave me the skills and experience you just can't get anywhere else in the same time frame. I have the utmost respect for my co-workers there, as well as for Paul Vallee as the Founder, President, and COO!!!

I'm not one to reflect too much on the past, so it is time to move on and push forward. I will start my new job , locally, at American Family Insurance. I look forward to being reunited with some old colleagues I've worked with in previous positions, and especially look forward to the new challenges and experiences I'll gain working there.

I also plan on dusting off this blog and being a bit more prolific in my writing, assuming I have the time. I've spent my spring coaching for the Sun Prairie Soccer Club. What a rewarding experience that was. I look forward to coaching my daughter's U-8 team this fall. This summer, I plan on playing twice a week in a local pick-up game. It has been 10+ years since I've played any sort of organized soccer and I'm loving the chance to get my skills back.

Back to the blog. I have no plans on blogging about things related to my job, but do plan on working diligently in my VirtualBox Virtual machines (OEL 5.5) with 11GR2. I have a couple ideas wandering around my head. Heck, maybe even Chet will talk me into guest blogging over at It all comes down to time. With three kids, a full-time job, and my extra curricular activities, time is at a premium. However, my commitment remains to database technologies.

Speaking of commitments. The Wisconsin Oracle Users Groups really needs to get some legs and a head of steam. I think this is a voice and outlet that many are now missing the Wisconsin Oracle community. I am hoping to do what I can to get this user group back up and running. Ambitious, I am sure.
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